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Enhancing Websites with Practical, Designer Immersive Experiences

Seamlessly Integrate with Any Website: Available as a WordPress Plugin or a Simple Script Insert

What an immersive website offers

Enhanced Engagement

Immersive websites captivate users with interactive 3D environments, extending engagement through virtual tours and interactive product views. This leads to increased retention, deeper interactions, and higher conversion rates, offering a richer user experience than traditional websites.

Competitive Differentiation

Stand out in a digital marketplace with an immersive website that showcases your brand’s innovation. Ideal for sectors where visual impact is key, such as real estate and retail, it enhances your brand perception and appeals to a tech-savvy audience.


Experience places and services remotely with immersive websites, perfect for real estate tours and virtual events. They overcome geographical barriers and can be enhanced with accessibility features, making your offerings more inclusive and broadly accessible.

Extend real world events

MetaPress seamlessly extends real-world events into the metaverse, creating virtual counterparts for expos, conferences, and showcases. Imagine exploring a car showroom, a wine estate tasting room, or a property showcase event, all within a digitally replicated environment. Exhibits and speaker platforms from live events can be authentically recreated, with content streamed directly into the virtual space. This capability allows attendees to interact with spaces and experiences just as they would in person, from anywhere in the world. Whether enhancing accessibility for global audiences or providing immersive, interactive alternatives to traditional event formats, MetaPress opens up new dimensions for engagement and interaction. All on your own website!

Immerse yourself in Art

Immerse yourself in art like never before with MetaPress’s virtual art galleries. Experience the convergence of space, ambiance, and interaction as each gallery is designed to enhance your sensory journey. Background music complements the visual feast, enriching the atmosphere and deepening your connection to the art. Engage in thoughtful conversations with fellow visitors or explore exhibitions with friends, no matter where you are in the world. Each piece is presented in a unique form, allowing you to appreciate the artist’s work in new and innovative ways. Discover art, connect with culture, and experience a new dimension of artistic expression with MetaPress. All from your own website.

Immersive shopping

Experience shopping like never before in MetaPress’s virtual environment. Shop alongside friends, discuss products in real-time, and explore detailed 3D representations that bring each item to life. Our virtual shops are designed to mirror the ambiance of your brand, creating an immersive shopping experience that aligns with your aesthetic and ethos. Seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce, our platform allows you to select products, check out, and make purchases all within the virtual world. Whether you’re outfitting your wardrobe, decorating your home, or scouting for the latest gadgets, MetaPress transforms everyday shopping into an engaging, shared adventure. And it is all on your own website.

For music artists

Discover a new realm of musical engagement with MetaPress, where indie music artists can create their own worlds to share tracks, connect with fans, and showcase their creativity. Envision a virtual space adorned with lyrics on the walls, interactive music booths, and the buzz of live-streamed audio and video. This dynamic environment allows artists to immerse fans in their musical journey, offering a unique venue where every corner and corridor is infused with their artistic identity. Whether you’re dropping a new album or hosting a live Q&A, MetaPress provides the perfect backdrop to amplify your sound and deepen fan engagement. All from your own website.

Crypto and NFT’s

Step into the future of cryptocurrency events and NFT showcases with MetaPress. Our immersive platform is designed specifically for the dynamic display and trade of NFTs within a virtual environment that complements the uniqueness of your digital assets. Browse and purchase NFTs directly within this engaging space, with seamless links to OpenSea for easy transactions. Create the perfect setting to market your NFTs, from sophisticated galleries to interactive, themed worlds that resonate with your brand’s ethos. Whether you’re hosting a crypto meetup, a panel discussion, or an exclusive NFT launch, MetaPress ensures your digital offerings are experienced in a fully immersive and memorable way.

Create education experiences

Transform educational experiences with MetaPress, where learning comes to life in immersive 3D environments. Our platform enables educators to create virtual classrooms that extend beyond traditional boundaries, providing students with a palpable sense of place and presence. Dive into interactive sessions where educational materials are not just seen but experienced—imagine exploring the human anatomy in three dimensions or walking through historical events as they unfold around you. Each lesson is enhanced with interactive elements that encourage engagement and deepen understanding, making learning an adventure that students look forward to. MetaPress takes education into a new dimension, where every subject is an immersive journey.

Showcase Property

Explore properties like never before with MetaPress. Our platform enables you to showcase properties through stunning images on 3D showroom walls or by creating lifelike replicas for a truly immersive experience. Sales agents can interact in real-time, guiding potential buyers on virtual tours, enhancing engagement and providing a deeper understanding of each property. Experience a new dimension of property showcase with MetaPress.


Elevate your team meetings with MetaPress, where quick gatherings are transformed into engaging and fun experiences. Set in vibrant, themed environments, our virtual spaces are designed to break the monotony of traditional meetings. Kick off with interactive ice breakers, engage in dynamic discussions, and collaborate in real-time with tools that feel intuitive and fresh. Whether you’re catching up for a quick sync, brainstorming new ideas, or just checking in with your team, MetaPress makes every meeting an opportunity to connect and create in a way that’s both productive and enjoyable.

MetaPress Standup!

A revolutionary way to transform your Slack interactions into dynamic, 3D metaverse experiences. This innovative tool seamlessly integrates with Slack, bringing your virtual team interactions to life. Install MetaPress Standup! today, participate and help us refine and enhance the experience. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to perfect this tool and tailor it to your needs. Join us in shaping the future of virtual team communication. Get started now and see how MetaPress Standup! can revolutionise your Slack workspace!

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